Chapter 7. Getting started

Table of Contents
Installation on Unix like systems
Installation on Windows NT

The ASCL project distribution is currently distributed only as development snapshot, which means the packages do not contains any binary files. There for before starting make sure that you have all required tools (see release notes ./doc/releasenotes).

The development package contains the sources for all platforms so far supported. ASCL support the two major platforms Windows NT and Unix/Linux. The following sections are describing the installation steps for both platforms.

Installation on Unix like systems

After you obtained the source code from the net you need to install and compile it. This chapter describes this first steps of installing the environment onto your system.

Unpacking the distribution

The source code is normally distributed as compressed tar file. To unpack the distribution execute the command:

      gunzip -c | tar xvf -
This will unpack the directory tree of the development environment.

Configuring the ASCL installation

The ASCL environment may be configured to a certain extend. The file contains some parameters which might be adopted to the needs of your system.

After unpacking the distribution change into the top level directory of the ASCL release. Before you run the configure script examine the contents of the file etc/ If you find any any deviations between your system and the entries in the file change them and store this file as etc/


Afterwards your setting will survive the installation of a new source code package if you copy this file into the newly installed package.

After configuring the correct values, run the configure script in the root directory of the source distribution.

       cd ascl-src-....


Compiling the distribution

To build the ASCL executable enter the command below:

   make all
This will build all components of the ASCL project and the test data base is this has not been done previously.

Installing ASCL globally on the system

The development environment is self containing, which means as long as applications are developed in the directory where ASCL is installed and the make files are used, all components are taken from the ASCL lib directory. This method limits the use to one user. In order to make ASCL available to all users on your system you need to install the ASCL libraries. In order to do s systemwide installation of the package execute the following command as root.

      make install

This should install the libraries of the ASCL project in your system.

GNAT 1.14p Compiler or higher: The search pathes for the library and the package specification may be set by modifying the files ada_object_path and ada_source_path in the same directory where the gcc specification file specs is located.